Your Nocturnal Support Team 

As you dialyze overnight in a DaVita center, your dedicated clinical team will be there to monitor your care and help ensure that your treatment progresses smoothly while you sleep. With dialysis out of the way when you wake up, you’ll have the entire day to do as you please. Meet the members of your nocturnal dialysis care team:

Your nephrologist

A nephrologist is a doctor who specializes in the kidneys. When it’s time for you to begin dialysis treatments, your nephrologist will prescribe and monitor your ongoing care.

Your nephrologist will visit you during your nighttime dialysis treatments. You may see the doctor as often as once a week, or as little as once a month. During these visits, your nephrologist will assess your medical condition to see how well you’re doing on dialysis and make any necessary changes to your treatment.

Your nocturnal dialysis nurse

Along with your care technician, your nurse will administer your dialysis treatment. Your nurse can help you get the most benefit from your treatments and provide resources for you to learn more about your kidneys. Your nurse will also teach you how to stay healthy, including maintaining your access properly. And when you have questions, your nurse is the best place to start.

Your dietitian

Think of your renal dietitian as your own personal dietary consultant. Your overall health is greatly affected by what you eat and drink, especially when you have end stage renal disease (ESRD). Your dietitian can teach you, and your family, to make good nutritional choices to help you feel better.

Your dietitian will meet with you at least once a month during your nocturnal treatments. He or she will review your lab reports and provide support, education and diet tips that are tailored to your kidney diet prescription.

Your social worker

The role of your social worker is to help you adjust to the addition of nocturnal dialysis in your life. He or she will perform a professional assessment of your social and medical condition and address any concerns you have about the transition. Your social worker will provide emotional support as well as the names of other available resources and support groups in your area.

You will meet with your social worker at least once a month during your nocturnal dialysis treatments. If you have questions between visits, your social worker is available most days by phone.

Your care technician

Your care technician makes sure you are comfortable and safe before, during and after your dialysis treatment. The technician will always be present during your nocturnal treatment, working under the supervision of your dialysis nurse. You will probably have the most one-on-one time with this member of your nocturnal care team.

Your insurance specialist

Your insurance specialist can help answer any of your insurance concerns. The insurance specialist may even be able to locate programs or other resources that can help you afford your treatment and medications. Call 1-855-5-Dialysis for assistance or fill out the form.

Your facility administrator 

Your facility administrator (FA), the person in charge of the dialysis center, oversees operations during the day shift. Your FA may sometimes stay late to visit with you when you arrive for treatment, and may occasionally supervise the nocturnal shift.

Getting the most from your nocturnal dialysis care team

Your DaVita nocturnal dialysis care team is made up of highly trained individuals who are devoted to improving your quality of life on dialysis. They will work together to deliver the care, education and support you need.

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