DaVita offers kidney care services across Colombia. With the application of proven clinical programs—from infection management and catheter removal to fluid management—we are helping improve patient outcomes. We have also successfully extended our care to patients in remote areas of the country through the implementation of teledialysis, a way for physicians to connect over WiFi to get live patient data and advise on treatment.

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DaVita strives to improve patients’ quality of life in India by innovating clinical care and offering integrated treatment plans, personalized care teams and convenient health-management services. DaVita India was recognized by Frost & Sullivan as India’s Dialysis Service Provider Company of the Year in 2014. This recognition was driven by DaVita’s focus on monitoring clinical indicators such as vascular access, anemia, hemoglobin and bone health, and use of that data to create patient care plans that positively impact a patient’s life.

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DaVita, the largest private provider of kidney care in Malaysia, is committed to delivering quality care. Our dedication to our patients, improving outcomes and providing excellent care led to our recognition as the first stand-alone dialysis center in Malaysia to receive a four-year accreditation in chronic dialysis treatment from the Malaysian Society for Quality in Health.

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DaVita Singapore, a subsidiary of DaVita, is committed to providing quality care to patients in Singapore. Adopting a value-based, outcome-led approach in our provision of integrated renal care program, we strived to play an active role in ensuring accessible and sustainable care in Singapore’s healthcare ecosystem. We are on a lookout to outdo ourselves, and is on a journey of continuous improvement on care accessibility, affordability and assurance of quality.

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