In-Center Nocturnal Dialysis: Get Your Treatment and Your Zzzs

How can you turn nonproductive sleep time into hemodialysis treatment time? The answer is in-center nocturnal hemodialysis. While you get some shut-eye, you can receive a slower, gentler treatment overnight at a DaVita® dialysis center. Compared to traditional in-center hemodialysis sessions of three to four hours, in-center nocturnal dialysis provides six to eight hours of treatment.

The lifestyle benefits of nocturnal dialysis don’t stop at dialyzing while you sleep:

  • Enjoy free days to spend with family and friends, go to work, attend class and resume other normal daytime activities.
  • Many people appreciate this is a very discreet form of treatment because it’s done overnight.
  • The feeling of waking up in the morning and knowing dialysis treatment is complete appeals to many people.

Clinical benefits include:

  • Improved appetite and taste
  • More energy
  • Better blood pressure control
  • Reduction in prescribed medicines
  • Fewer reports of cramping during treatment

Similar to in-center dialysis, in-center nocturnal hemodialysis treatments are done with a full kidney care team, including a nurse, patient care technician (PCT), dietitian and social worker, at a dialysis center. A nephrologist also comes in to do regular rounds with patients.

Who can do in-center nocturnal hemodialysis?

People on hemodialysis who are considering the DaVita® In-Center Nocturnal Dialysis Program should be in stable condition and follow the advice of their doctor and other healthcare professionals. Reliable transportation is necessary. In-center nocturnal hemodialysis patients should also be courteous to the other patients sleeping around them.

Why choose the DaVita In-Center Nocturnal Dialysis Program?

People who have been on the program said they have enhanced their health and lifestyle by taking advantage of a longer, gentler hemodialysis treatment.

“I have more energy—I even painted my kitchen today,” says Jonathan, a DaVita® in-center nocturnal hemodialysis patient. “And, I have an appetite for the first time in a long time.”

Paola, another patient, is able to go to her daytime job without any interruptions.

“Nocturnal allows me to work full time,” says Paola. “The fact that I didn’t have symptoms like I did with daytime hemodialysis was a major change, too. I feel great.”

How do I start in-center nocturnal hemodialysis?

You can find out if there is a DaVita In-Center Nocturnal Dialysis Program in your area and learn more about the benefits of this hemodialysis treatment option. Call 1-866-994-SLEEP (1-866-994-7533) and talk to a DaVita Guest Services representative.

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