DaVita Patients: 6 Benefits of Nocturnal Dialysis

People who perform in-center nocturnal dialysis are generally experiencing a better quality of life and are feeling healthier. Going to dialysis treatment during the night frees up daytime hours for work, school, caring for family and enjoying activities without taking time out during the day for dialysis. The longer treatment times are gentler on the body, so in addition to cleaning their blood more thoroughly, most people don’t experience the washed out feeling after treatment like they do with traditional dialysis.

Nocturnal dialysis patients explain the benefits they've experienced on this DaVita® treatment option.

More energy

“Before I was tired all the time, but now my family tells me to take it easy. I made 15 pies today.” — Anna

Keep working

“I can work after I get up from the chair.” — Paola

Gentler treatment

“My sister is a nurse. She did all the research and told me this treatment is better on the heart and people live a longer life.” — Jonathan

Feel better

“I’m getting all cleaned out. I feel healthy all around.” — Anna

Better appetite

“I have an appetite for the first time in so long—I haven’t had an appetite in forever.”  — Jonathan

Fewer medicines

“My blood pressure has gone down — it’s actually normal now — my doctor was thrilled. He knocked off one dose of my blood pressure medicines.”  — Jonathan

Nocturnal dialysis—providing a better quality of life

If you and your nephrologist decide that nocturnal dialysis is best for your health and lifestyle needs, you’ll see that the many benefits — including more energy, flexible diet and gentler treatment — can help maintain a better quality of life.

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