In-Center Hemodialysis Overview

What is in-center hemodialysis?

In-center hemodialysis is when a person goes to a dialysis center for their hemodialysis treatments. Hemodialysis is a treatment that filters the blood of wastes and extra fluid when the kidneys are no longer able to perform this function.

Some people prefer to go to a dialysis center for treatment because:

  • Treatment is administered by trained renal professionals
  • They enjoy being around and interacting with fellow dialysis patients  
  • Dialysis is only three times a week; so there are four free days
  • DaVita has clinical outcomes better than the national averages

How does in-center hemodialysis work

With in-center hemodialysis once the person arrives at the dialysis center the health care team will take care of all aspects of treatment.

First, your access area will be washed by a patient care technician; then you will be weighed and escorted to your dialysis chair. Your blood pressure will be taken both standing and sitting and a dialysis nurse will check your vitals and connect you to the dialysis machine.

The typical dialysis session is usually four hours and during that time your blood pressure will be taken and the dialysis machine will be monitored. You are free to read, watch television, talk to fellow patients and care team members, sleep or any activity you can do from the dialysis chair.

Once the dialysis treatment time is up, you will be disconnected from the dialysis machine and your vital signs will be recorded again.

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About our team

You spend a lot of time — and place a lot of trust — with the people who care for you. A kind, supportive health care team can help make your experience more pleasant. At DaVita, you’ll receive personal care and attention from a highly trained team of professionals. Providing service excellence and quality health care for our patients requires a commitment on behalf of everyone at DaVita. DaVita teammates are special to their patients — because they care.

Find a dialysis center near you

DaVita has more than 1,600 outpatient dialysis centers located throughout the United States. As the largest independent provider of dialysis services in the United States, chances are good there will be a DaVita dialysis center near your home or work.

To locate a DaVita center near you, please use our Find a Dialysis Center tool. After you locate a nearby DaVita dialysis center, you can arrange for a tour by calling a DaVita Guest Services specialist at 1-800-244-0680.

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