Accessories for PD Patients

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only. DaVita is not recommending any particular product or products mentioned in the article, nor are any of the companies offering these products an affiliate of DaVita Inc. DaVita does not endorse one brand over another. There are other brands in addition to these that could be equivalent. Additionally, these accessories are completely optional and are not required to perform safe, effective peritoneal dialysis.

Accessories often add value to or ease the use of certain items. It could be a GPS included in a car to help with navigation or it could be a piece of jewelry that enhances an outfit — accessories, whether complex or simple, can make life less complicated and more enjoyable. So why not use that same approach for peritoneal dialysis (PD)? PD accessories have been developed to help people better their quality of life on home dialysis. Here are some items that may be of interest to you.

Peritoneal dialysis belts

PD belts hold a PD catheter in place when a patient isn’t using it to dialyze. Many patients find belts more comfortable than tape and feel more secure going about their daily activities knowing that their catheter is protected. PD belts come in many sizes and designs for added comfort. Some belts are made of mesh and are ideal for hot weather, showering and swimming (to prevent infection, be sure to get your doctor’s approval and instructions before doing any water activities). Many PD belts are reasonably priced and are machine washable. Companies specializing in PD belts are:

You can also find PD belts and other accessories online at

Some PD care teams have seen their patients make their own belts. If you have questions about creating a belt, or any other PD accessory, your care team can help guide you so that you choose materials that are safe and comfortable.

Peritoneal dialysis solution cases and warmers

PD cases and warmers are designed to keep dialysis solution safe and temperate before use. They are helpful for home or travel and come in hard or soft materials. Stickman Dialysis offers bags with household power cords and a cigarette lighter plug.

Basic peritoneal dialysis accessories to create a comfortable environment

It’s important for patients to make PD as easy and comfortable as possible. Whether PD is performed manually during the day or with a cycler at night, there are many items that can help a patient relax while receiving treatment, including:

  • A comfortable place to sit with pillows and/or back support
  • A book, magazine or newspaper to read or a movie to watch
  • Materials for scrapbooking or creating a family tree
  • Listening to guided meditation
  • Dark curtains
  • A sleeping mask
  • A sound machine
  • A memory foam mattress pad or pillow

Beyond the basic peritoneal dialysis accessories

Different PD accessory providers have gone a step further with their offerings.

Peritoneal dialysis and travel accessories

One of the many lifestyle benefits that PD patients experience is the freedom to travel. The most important travel arrangements are those for PD equipment and supplies, which may be pre-shipped. After your clothes, first aid kit and doctor’s phone numbers are packed, it’s time to focus on making the vacation enjoyable and fun. Consider bringing:

  • A cooler with kidney-friendly snacks
  • Neck pillow
  • Books and magazines
  • Journal or sketchpad
  • Camera for photos or video
  • Travel games or playing cards
  • A tablet or other device for watching movies or listening to music 


With the right tools and equipment, many things in life can be made easier. The same should go for peritoneal dialysis. Accessories, whether specific to PD or not, can make the dialyzing process more comfortable when you want to have a good night’s sleep, travel or go about your everyday life.

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